4 Modes Of Payment You Should Consider To Accept In Your Business

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For your business to get more customers and increase sales, you need to be able to do changes or upgrades. One way to do it is to accept several modes of payments. There are many modes of payment available now because of the current technology that we have. They have their own advantages and disadvantage both to your business and to your customers.

We all know that money keeps the business going. To make sure the profits keep coming in, you need to have several openings to welcome it so that you’ll have more cash to produce more products and pay your employees.

Here are different payment methods that you should consider to accept:

In Cash

Paying in cash is always one of the options when paying for your bills. If you have a starting business, it’s okay that you accept money at first because you still can’t afford to pay for the merchant fees. If you sell products like coffee, milk tea, or pastries, that are sold within a small price, it’s best to accept cash to prevent your store from being at risk of fraud.

Credit Cards

Many people now have credit cards with them all the time, so to give them convenience, you could offer a payment method with their credit cards. If you own a restaurant or a retail store and accept large payments, you can accept credit cards. But with receiving credit cards as payments, you should take note of the transaction fees and other charges that come with it and adjust your production costs.


Be open for checks as payment. This means your customers don’t have to bring any large sums of cash for payment, so you provide them with more security and safety. Unlike credit cards, accepting checks does not usually come with transaction fees. But if ever they charge fees, it’s always lower compare to credit cards.

Accepting checks come with knowing specific policies that you need to impose on your business and inform your employees. Procedures like requesting for valid IDs, the check must have the exact purchase price, filling out a check must be done with the presence of the seller, etc. Knowing these policies will help you avoid problems in the future. Your employees must know how to identify a suspicious check.

Online Or Mobile Payments

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With the technology that we have, online or mobile payment is gaining popularity nowadays. People bring their mobile phones whenever they go, and it brings convenience if they’re able to pay their purchases with their phones. For your business, accepting online or mobile payments can be considered in the future when it reaches its peak. It’s a faster, cheaper, and safer way to receive payments.

There are many online payments such as Apple pay, Android pay, and other surfacing online payments applications start to gain popularity with different businesses. Some businesses and company accept even bitcoin thru blockchain technology as payment.

Mode of payment for business keeps evolving as the technology continues to rise for the improvement of business transactions and communications.