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What are your favorite types of pizza?

What are MY favorite types of pizza, you say? You know, I’m having a tough time with that question. So many things pop into my head.

  • Back when I was a kid, we used to make a fantastic homemade thin crust pizza from scratch on Sunday evenings. It was a family affair, with Mom taking care of the crust, then us kids throwing on whatever turned us on that week. We made so many different types of pizza…..often a mixture of a tomato sauce, sausage, onions, seasonings, and a few mushrooms; that is, if any mushrooms survived until the time the pizza went into the oven. Those Sunday evenings also were the only time that we were allowed to have a soft drink anytime during the week; can you imagine that in today’s environment?! Good times.
  • The next memory on different types of little caesars coupon code is from the college days, and well, it’s nothing to write home about! These pizza days were more about low cost, versus high quality, on our tight college budget! We had to save money for the beer, of course. Of course, there was a periodic frozen pizza thrown in there as well.
  • Next, are the different types of pizza from good ‘ol Chicago immediately following college graduation. Thankfully, there was a little income coming in the door, and we could afford plenty of beer AND quality pizza! Wonderful options on pizza types in Chicago. Not a week went by without having at least one piece of deep dish pizza that Chicago is so famous for.
  • Following Chicago, there was some wandering around the country, and plenty of different types of pizza were sampled, but none really stick out.
  • Currently, I’m infatuated with types of pizza that are made from home….again. It all comes full circle, doesn’t it? Relatively recently, I discovered the pre-made pizza crusts that you can buy in the store. Sure, they’ve probably been on the market for years, but I’m not too adventurous with my grocery shopping, OK? These pre-made crusts are a god-send! It really takes the work (and fear) out of quickly throwing together a tasty and healthy (if you so choose) pizza from the comfort of your own home. This past weekend: a bit of a ‘garbage pizza’ creation. Whole wheat pizza crust, topped with nearly everything edible in my refrigerator: spaghetti sauce (hey, I didn’t have any tomato or pizza sauce, and I sure wasn’t making a trip to the store!), a little bit of cheese, onions, a couple mushrooms, a few pieces of asparagus, two sun-dried tomatoes, a little bit of pepper, 12 minutes in the oven, and, ta-dah, a killer pizza! You can’t beat it!