Branding is a major part of every company. Branding is even as important or more so than your product. The reason why branding is key is that there are certain situations where branding has a whole lot more to do with sales than the product itself.  The fact remains that because branding is the first experience of your company that people have of you. Its importance cannot be downplayed. A popular expression goes something along the lines of “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”Studies have in fact proven that 48% of customers tend to be loyal to a brand after making the first purchase.

This being the case, It is easy to see why it is very important o ensure that all of the individuals who are introduced to your product for the first time are so drawn to it that they decide to make a purchase. This being the case It only makes sense that as a company you put in the energy to make sure that your first impression among your clients is your best impression.

When people talk about branding, in general, they refer to everything from adverts to product design and logos. This particular article focuses on only a few of these very important areas. The question most people ask in this situation is “What’s the direct correlation between a logo and sales?” Another popular question is “how does product design help” The general answers to both of these questions are easy. Logos, products designed and every other aspect of branding are carefully crafted to simulate exactly how the world will see you.

Your logo, for example, needs to be very well thought out. Your logo shows who you are to the world. Very good logos leave customers with a general idea of what services you offer or a distinct memory of your brand. Your choice of font communicates a subliminal message to your prospective clients, the colors that you choose may express passion, playfulness, stability, cheerfulness or even luxury as the case may be. The Fiverr customer experience may help considerably with this aspect of branding.

Taking Into consideration all of these elements it is very possible for you to pass across to your prospective customers your mission and your brand personality as the case may be. It is this ability to carry such a subtle strong message that makes branding a very very important part of any company. Imagine a situation where the wrong symbol or color was used to represent a company, by virtue of that alone the customer losses suffered may be very significant.

Product design is also a major contributor to branding. It is especially important for your product to be aesthetically appealing when it is a physical product. A very simple illustration of this importance can be found in the shopping aisles of any major shopping center. For a first-time purchaser pf any product there is a high probability that you will select whichever product is the most physically appealing to you. This being the case, the branding of a physical product plays an extremely large part in how successful said product will be,

By any standards, it is obvious that there is a direct correlation between the branding and the success or lack of success of any product. Branding is an investment and it is one for any company with ambition.