To call the current job market competitive would be an understatement. Even with many companies ceasing their respective hiring freezes, the number of salaried fulltime positions available to jobseekers is relatively low. That being the case, it behooves candidates to make themselves as attractive as possible to prospective employers. Fortunately, this is much easier than many jobseekers may think. If you’re currently in search of gainful employment and want to make yourself stand out, the following tips are sure to come in handy.

Get Educated

A good education can help tremendously when applying for certain jobs. Luckily, getting a college education no longer has to be a costly and time-consuming affair. Celebrated online schools like allow students to educate themselves and earn advanced degrees from the comfort of home. Additionally, the degree you earn should directly pertain to the field in which you wish to work. These days, many employers won’t even consider candidates who haven’t completed any higher education, so all modern-day jobseekers would be wise to educate themselves.

Have a Sparkling Resume

Even if you have relatively little work experience, there are ways to make your resume shine. For example, when describing your past jobs, make a point of highlighting any notable successes. Furthermore, take care to describe any important responsibilities with which you were entrusted. With the right language, there are ways to make any job seem important. If your wordsmithing skills leave something to be desired, consider entrusting this task to a professional writer or consulting an online resume writing tutorial.

Read up on Prospective Employers

When applying for a job with a specific company, it pays to read up on your prospective employer. This ensures that you’ll be well-equipped to answer any questions about what you find appealing about the company should you be selected for an interview. As any seasoned jobseeker can confirm, many companies begin interviews by asking prospective hires why they want to work for them, so half-an- hours’ worth of online research can increase your chances of landing a job.

Finding gainful fulltime employment in the current job market can be an uphill battle. With most big-name employers finding themselves flooded with applications for every available position, jobseekers need to take steps to separate themselves from the pack. In the quest to elicit interest from employers, remember to educate yourself, punch up your resume and thoroughly research any company that grants you an interview.