The Best Actors to Play These Marvel Superheroes in the MCU

Superhero movies are those movies that contain and feature superhuman characters with extraordinary abilities.

The term “superhero” was coined in 1933 during the superhero comic book craze, but it didn’t become a true trend until the 1940s, when a number of superhero comic books were published.

Superhero stories usually have an individual who has or is granted special powers, who uses these powers to fight crime and protect people. A common story archetype for superheroes is the reluctant hero, who often gains powers by accident and faces society’s condemnation until he realizes his true potential

Superhero movies have become one of the most commercially successful film genres in recent years. There has been a spike in interest in the genre since 2008 when The Dark Knight was released. This particular movie saw the emergence of superhero films with high-impact action scenes and larger-than-life characters with bright costumes.

Iron Man & Captain America Casting Process and Decisions

We often see Marvel movies that have a casting process that is not as clear cut as Marvel fans would like. Often times, the casting for some characters is made more difficult by their own comic book history.

For Iron Man, the casting process was quite straightforward. RDJ was cast in 2008 after he made a name for himself in Hollywood (and being one of the hottest actors around). For Captain America, there were no clear winners among Kevin Feige and Christopher Nolan during the audition process.

The main reason why they went with RDJ over Chris Evans was because RDJ had already established himself in Hollywood before being cast as Tony Stark/Iron Man. Even though Evans has become an incredibly successful actor since his debut as Steve Rogers/Captain America, at the time he was just starting out and this

“Iron Man” had a casting process that was different from the typical Hollywood movie. Avi Arad, who is the Marvel Studios President of Production, said that “Iron Man” had a long casting process because they wanted to make sure it was the right fit.

Marvel casted Cheadle earlier this month and Marvel has decided on its choice for Captain America: Chris Evans. Arad says that they were looking for someone who could bring a sense of truthfulness and accuracy to the role along with his acting skills.

While Hollywood tends to hire big stars for their movies, Marvel is looking for more than just talent – instead it chooses people who can bring out certain elements in the characters.