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The Most Neutral Bathrooms of the World, Ranked

What is a Neutral Bathroom?

This section is about a new trend in bathroom design – a Neutral Bathroom. If you are unfamiliar with this term, Neutral Bathrooms are bathrooms that have been designed in a way that makes guests feel comfortable and relaxed without having to choose between design aesthetics. In the past, bathrooms were either fully decorated or completely bare with just a toilet and sink. Nowadays, people prefer to have both luxe and minimal designs in their bathrooms. To accommodate all types of people, architects created these types of rooms that cater to all preferences.


Unusual & Stunning World’s Most Neutral Bathrooms

The world’s most neutral bathrooms are found in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, and Iceland. Some of the unusual items found in these bathrooms are a set of scales for weighing your food before you eat it, a toilet brush with bristles on both ends to clean both the inside and outside of your bowl at once, and even an electric toothbrush with two settings – full power for teeth cleaning or just gentle enough to use on your gums.


Our Favorite Neutral Bathrooms

The bathroom is the most used room in any home. Whether it is a small bathroom with just enough room for a toilet, or a big one with an extra sink and shower, people tend to use it often so it needs to be comfortable and clean at all times.

To keep the bathroom fresh, neutral colors are often used. However, there are certain rooms that may require different colors because of its theme or functionality. Here are some examples of how you can design your own neutral bathrooms without committing to one color.


Inspirational Neutral Bathroom Design Ideas

Bathrooms are one of the most prominent rooms in any home. It is important to make them look elegant and at the same time make it easy for people to use them. We put together some stylish bathroom designs that will give you some new ideas on what to do with your own bathroom. Bathroom design is always trending. This time, neutral tones are getting a lot of momentum because it is easier to modernize a space with white and greys.


Tips to Make Your Own Neutral Bathroom Design

Neutral bathroom design can serve as a bridge between all the colors and styles. It still allows the owner to personalize the space with decorations, artworks, or family photos. The first step to designing a neutral bathroom is selecting colors that will not clash with each other. The trick is to use shades of white and gray for walls and flooring and paint the cabinets and countertops in light browns and greens. Adding splashes of color like artwork or accessories will make the room feel more lively without making it too busy or complicated.

Neatness is also important for making a neutral design feel balanced. Organizing your space makes it clutter-free, which helps you show off your personality through decorating items like towels, candles, flowers, lamps, rugs, book shelves, etc.